Volunteers from local organizations are an essential ingredient in ensuring the effectiveness of our Workplace Readiness Program. Some volunteers teach some of the modules in the program and may lead the cohort through an interactive and experiential workshop. Some role play as subject matter experts for student projects and attend project presentations to provide critical feedback on what worked well and what needs improvement. Yet others share their work experiences, lead role-play exercises, critique the students’ resumes, and conduct mock interviews.

Another vital role volunteers play is as champions within their organizations to host our cohort visits to their workplaces and expose the students to what matters in their organizations and the organizations to what the students are capable.

All these valuable networking and learning experiences prepare the students for the rigorous realities of the modern work environment.

Last but not the least, these champions help open the doors for us to initiate the dialog with their leaders on the benefits of undertaking the neurodiversity inclusion journey.

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