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Volunteer Roles

Classroom Instructor

  • Teach some of the program modules
  • Lead the cohort through an interactive and experiential workshop
  • Role play as subject matter experts or decision makers for student projects
  • Attend project presentations to provide critical feedback
  • Critique students’ resumes and conduct mock interviews

Site Visit Coordinator

  • Coordinate and host our cohort visits to their workplaces
  • Expose participants to the rigorous realities of the modern workplaces
  • Expose their organizations to what the participants are capable of
  • Provide valuable networking experiences

Workplace Champion

  • Invite and host us for neurodiversity awareness sessions
  • Open doors for us to initiate the dialog with their leaders on the benefits of undertaking the neurodiversity inclusion journey
  • Engage us for experiential workshops for managers, mentors, and coworkers for integrating neurodiverse employees