Fall 2021 Offering

Monday - Friday, Sep 24 - Nov 19, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific Time

Our Online Career Readiness Training for Neurodiverse Job Seekers is aimed at motivated individuals, who hold a two or four year degree (or equivalent) and want to gain and strengthen essential personal and workplace skills. This comprehensive training consists of an eight-week career readiness training session including a simulated workplace experience.

Learn-By-Doing Session

Six Weeks (120 Hours)

The program begins with a six-week learn-by-doing session consisting of 14 courses designed specifically to provide a highly impactful and valuable online learning experience.

The courses consist of live online classroom sessions, meetings, and discussions via Zoom, supplemented by assignments to internalize the course learnings. You will have ready access to the instructors and course content including a variety of tools, tips, assessments, and reference documents.

Participants learn and practice personal effectiveness skills, job search and career launch strategies, and workplace competencies – all skills essentials for securing employment and achieving career fulfillment and success.

Simulated Workplace Experience

Two Weeks (40 Hours)

The last two weeks of training are designed to reinforce and practice the learnings from the courses in a simulated workplace environment, while gaining experience working on real world projects sourced from our business partners.

The eight-week training, comprised of the six-week learn-by-doing session and the two-week simulated workplace experience, also provides opportunities for the attendees to interact with companies and network with business professionals.

Flexible Participation

Choose the courses you want

You may be currently underemployed or unemployed and you want to prepare yourself for effective job search. Or you may be currently employed and desire to grow in your career. The training is uniquely designed so that you can customize your level of participation based on your needs, current situation, and comfort level.

You can take a single course or any combination of all the courses. Attending all the courses is a requirement for participating in the last two weeks of simulated workplace project experience.

Are You Ready to Invest in You?

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” -- Aristotle

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Class Schedule

The class begins with an Orientation session and a foundational course on neurodiversity in the workplace. You are required to attend the Orientation and the foundation course on Neurodiversity in the Workplace.

The remaining courses are built around three Learning Dimensions: Job Development (JD), Personal Effectiveness (PE), and Workplace Competencies (WC). There are a total of 13 courses across these three learning dimensions.

You can take any combination of the courses in JD, PE, and WC. You have to take at least one course. If you want to participate in the last two weeks of simulated workplace projects, you must take all the JD, PE, and WC courses.

Each training day will consist of a morning classroom session of instruction from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon, a lunch/work/social break from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM, and an afternoon classroom session of individual work on course assignments from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Our instructors and coaches will be available to help and guide you through the course assignments. All times are in Pacific Time Zone. There will be three (3) breaks in each classroom session, totaling approximately 30 minutes.

Orientation: Sep 24

Foundation (F): Sep 24
Neurodiversity @ Work

Job Development (JD): Sep 27 – Oct 8
Job Development Strategy and Positioning
Job Search Toolkit
You Are a Brand
Job Searching & Interviewing Strategies & Tactics
Employment Self-Advocacy

Personal Effectiveness (PE): Oct 11 – Oct 22      
The Growth Mindset
Seven Habits – Basics
Executive Function
Coping and Resiliency

Workplace Competencies (WC): Oct 25 – Nov 5        
Being Assertive
Conflict Resolution
Team Structure & Performance
Powerful Presentations – Basics

Simulated Workplace (SW): Nov 8 – Nov 19
Workplace Projects

Program Audience and Benefits

Preparing you to launch and grow your career

Are you a good fit?

You are a good fit for our training, if you:

  • Are a motivated neurodiverse adult
  • Hold a two or four year degree (or equivalent)
  • Are currently underemployed or unemployed
  • Want to gain and strengthen essential personal and workplace skills

Even if you are currently employed gainfully, our courses will help you improve your workplace effectiveness and grow your career with confidence.

If you need one-on-one support for searching for and landing a meaningful and rewarding job, please visit our Online Career Launch Program for Neurodiverse Job Seekers page.

What will you gain?

  • Strategies and tactics for your employment search, career management, and professional growth
  • Actionable tactics, using tools and techniques from the courses, to build your Job Search Toolkit including resumes, cover letters, and online profiles and portfolios
  • Growth Mindset, foundational habits, and essential skills for improving personal effectiveness
  • Essential workplace skills to effectively communicate, collaborate, and contribute in the workplace
  • Familiarity with today’s workplace dynamics and expectations while gaining workplace experience

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