About Us

Neurodiversity Pathways

We are a group of professionals from a diverse set of educational and experience backgrounds in coaching, communications, higher education, and high technology. We are bound by our common passion to make a difference in the lives of neurodivergent individuals so that their talents and expertise can make an impact in the world through their work. We have all been touched by neurodiversity in one way or another.

We aspire to grow to become a engine of impact in the world for neurodivergent individuals to gain meaningful, rewarding, and sustained employment. We are sincere and serious about changing organizations toward the mindset of Inclusion for Abilities and Acceptance for Differences.

We were previously known as Expadability and our offering was called Autism Advantage. We are a part of Mission Services in Goodwill of Silicon Valley.

If any or all of this resonates with you, please contact us so we may explore further how we can interact with each other in a mutually beneficial manner.

Goodwill of Silicon Valley

Founded in Santa Clara County in 1928, Goodwill of Silicon Valley (GWSV) is part of Goodwill Industries International, a federation of over 200 autonomous, community-based Goodwill organizations worldwide. Together we are one of the largest social service organizations in the world.

We are dedicated to improving employment opportunities, increasing standards of living, providing economic independence and restoring our clients sense of self value. We do this through workforce creation, vocational training and environmental stewardship.