We are a social impact organization of professionals from a diverse set of educational and experience backgrounds in coaching, communications, higher education, and high technology. We are bound by our common passion to make a difference in the lives of neurodivergent individuals so that their talents and expertise can make an impact in the world through their work.

Our Approach

We educate and support neurodiverse individuals to help launch their career and organizations to integrate them into the workplace.



We have two new Online Workplace Readiness Programs for neurodiverse individuals. One is for Job Seekers while the other is for College Students. Both programs are designed to develop and reinforce life skills essential for advancing personal goals and achieving career aspirations while uniquely addressing the specific and varied needs of the respective audiences.

The online courses and classroom activities are conducted in an interactive and dynamic, synchronous and asynchronous, learning environment. As an added benefit and to reinforce the learnings, the last two weeks of the program have been recast as an internship that focuses on real world workplace projects sourced from our partner organizations.


Our Workplace Readiness Program students at the BNY Mellon Innovation center in Palo Alto. Joyce Peacock, the Innovation Center's Engagement Director, provides an overview of the work of the lab.

Our services are designed to support the varied paths and needs of organizations as they gain insight, build momentum, and achieve a thriving and inclusive neurodiverse workplace.

Any organization can start simply with our Neurodiversity in the Workplace Awareness sessions to educate their employees of the importance and value of intentional inclusion and support of neurodiversity in the workplace. More serious organizations will benefit from our in-depth and experiential workshops for managers and coworkers to embark on affirmative actions to recruit new neurodiverse talent and support and empower all employees to bring their authentic selves to work.

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