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Our Approach

Equipping you with the mindset, knowledge, and support needed to achieve an inclusive and thriving neurodiverse workplace

Skills Development

Ranga Jayaraman presents a "Lunch and Learn" on neurodiversity and employment to employees of data management software company Veritas.

Learning experience focused on awareness and integration skills

Candidate Search Support

In our Workplace Readiness Program, students learn key insights into what managers expect of successful employees.

Matching and connecting our graduates with your jobs

Job Coaching

Our Workplace Readiness Program students at the BNY Mellon Innovation center in Palo Alto. Joyce Peacock, the Innovation Center's Engagement Director, provides an overview of the work of the lab.

Post-placement support and coaching

Service Details

Services designed to prepare, support, and sustain the launch and growth of neurodiversity integration

Who are the services for?

  • Progressive workplaces
  • Serious about diversity and inclusion
  • Desire to tap into overlooked talent

What will the clients gain?

  • Mindset and skills essential for integration of neurodiverse talent
  • Creativity and capacity to innovate
  • Reduced attrition and improved management effectiveness

Awareness and Skills Education

  • Workplace neurodiversity  awareness presentations

  • Consultation for coalition building for the journey

  • In-depth experiential workshops to prepare managers, mentors, and co-workers for integration

High-Touch Candidate Search Support

  • Work with hiring managers to screen and match our graduates with jobs
  • Facilitate the assessment process
  • Provide support for successful on-boarding of selected candidates

Post-Placement Coaching

  • Regular check-ins with a coach to help guide and support onboarding and successful assimilation
  • Meet with a coach to discuss progress at work and review career plans and strategies

Meet Our Facilitators

Ranga Jayaraman

A personal passion and commitment to empower neurodivergent individuals is what drives Ranga today. Before devoting his time to Neurodiversity Pathways, Ranga led a number of highly successful digital transformation initiatives for high tech organizations and Silicon Valley companies. His real-life experience, executive leadership, and business background helps shape the classroom curriculum and learning experience.

John Marble

Working in warehouses to inside the White House, John is someone who constantly questions and explores how we can improve systems in order to create better products, policy, and outcomes. John is  passionate about solving for the end-user and communicating complex ideas in a way that is easily understood.

Meet Our Coaches

Trang Nguyen

Dedicated to working with children, teens, and adults with autism, Trang has over six years of experience helping neurodiverse individuals develop their skills, talents, and personal perceptions. Trang’s commitment to provide each individual the opportunity to reach their fullest potential is seen in her high-touch teaching and coaching approach.

Ivon Perez

Ivon specializes in teaching students the concept of a growth mindset and its impact on the individual’s ability to achieve success through dedication, resiliency, and motivation. Her compassion combined with her employment coaching background is instrumental in helping students build a career plan focused on achieving meaningful employment and personal independence.

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