$2.80 Million Impact

Over the last four years, we have conducted nine in-person program sessions with an average cohort size of seven and completion rate of 93%. Of those that graduated, 67% have launched their careers and entered the workforce. Their names, faces, and voices are now known, seen, and heard in many workplaces. The annual salary and benefits of the 34 employed (subset of 67%) is $2.80M.


Chris Morris, Participant

“The program gave me a platform to demonstrate and practice highly marketable tech skills in a setting similar to a modern workplace and offered me support and encouragement as I transitioned into my new job. That was very valuable to me because I knew I had somewhere to go if I needed to brainstorm how to advocate for myself.

Khalid El-Awady, Hiring Executive

“After visiting the class I was impressed with the students’ analytical abilities. We offered one of the students a position as an analyst in our Operations group. She impressed us as a quick learner and excelled at that role. Not long after, she expressed interest in a new Sales Development Specialist role we created. This combines research and analysis with some client interaction to generate and qualify online sales leads. In that role, she continues to impress with her abilities, work ethic, and ambition.”

Luther Jackson, Program Partner

“Many of today’s workplaces are playing fields of development and invention, full of highly-skilled and creative performers driving the innovation economy. Yet there are many talented individuals sitting in the stands who never get a chance to take the field. NOVA partners with organizations like Neurodiversity Pathways to connect under-appreciated talent, including neurodiverse workers, with opportunities to excel on the playing fields of Silicon Valley and beyond.

Rene Ho, Hiring Executive, Past Instructor

“The Neurodiversity program can and has changed lives. People who were previously misunderstood and underemployed are now living independent lives. And as an employer of someone on the spectrum, I have seen firsthand the organizational benefit. In my company, we have great and diverse talent. For certain analysis tasks the person on the spectrum is the “go to” person. My colleagues are now much more inclusive. They look for people with talents and not dismiss what they don’t understand. Their lives have changed as well.”

Parents of Program Participant

One of the major challenges for a parent of an autistic son after he graduates from college is meaningful employment that enables him to live an independent life. This outcome is so hard even for highly qualified autistic adults, since most companies have little to no understanding of how autistic adults are different in how they interact with others. Furthermore, their recruitment processes are ill-prepared to deal with the differences. Thanks to Neurodiversity Pathways’ programs and services (in a prior version under Expandability), my son has had a meaningful and full time job in a local company for several years, can afford an apartment and a car and is proud to be a tax paying citizen!

Carol Tierney, Participant

“When I started Autism Advantage Data Analysis class at Expandability (currently the Workplace Readiness Program), I wasn’t sure what to expect. I never thought I would be able to give presentations or answer job interview questions confidently. The support I received made that happen. I now have a position where I am valued.”