How Autism In The Workplace Transcends Charity

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How Autism In The Workplace Transcends Charity

A recent article on Forbes.com detailed SAP’s involvement with the Autism at Work program.

Expandability has partnered with Specialisterne’s proven, innovative approach to training and developing quality career positions in the IT industry for individuals who have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). The increase of individuals diagnosed with ASD continues to grow annually at a rapid rate, increasing the high employment gap for persons with ASD in competitive jobs with living wages. Autism at Work provides assessment, training and employment for individuals who have an ASD diagnosis.

The unique and proven assessment process maps out aspects of the individual, resulting in a 360 degree map of personal, environmental and professional capacities and needs. Expandability is the only organization in Silicon Valley equipped to deliver this innovative employment approach to the Bay Area business community.

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