Expandability powered by Goodwill receives a $50,000 grant from Symantec

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Expandability powered by Goodwill receives a $50,000 grant from Symantec

We are thrilled to announce that Expandability powered by Goodwill received a $50,000 grant from Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), an industry leader in cyber security. The grant will enable Expandability to create its first ever cohort focused on Data Science and Data Analysis. This contribution is yet another example of Symantec’s industry-leading commitment to developing a more innovative and inclusive workforce. From working with foster youth to promoting gender equality in STEM, Symantec continually demonstrates their commitment to building a more inclusive future for the tech industry.

Expandability’s program connects job seekers on the spectrum with an environment to show off their technical skill set to potential employers. Even college graduates on the spectrum can find themselves trapped in minimum-wage jobs.  The program uses a unique approach by creating a simulated work environment to learn workplace norms. Candidates build their self-confidence, social skills, and professional skills while expanding their networks.

Companies who employ this untapped talent pool can reap massive benefits. People on the spectrum provide dramatically different viewpoints than their neurotypical counterparts.  These individuals often provide innovative ways to solve complex issues that have plagued other within their work groups. Studies prove that diverse teams have a dramatic effect on performance and bottom line. Adding neurodiverse perspectives is big step in the right direction and grants companies the added benefit of creating clearer team communications.  As companies learn to be more thoughtful about diction and context, they can begin to cultivate a more inclusive environment across the organization.

The next cohort begins April 10th in San Jose, California. This cohort will focus on Data Science and Data Analytics.  If you are interested in learning more please reach out to Jack Hogan or Katee Peek.

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