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The Growing Need

Education and Employment Funnel

From all the publicly available information on the number of births in the US each year, the incidence rate of autism, the extent of intellectual disability in autistic children, the percentage of autistic youth that enter 2 or 4 year colleges, the number of graduates from colleges, the percentage of graduates that are autistic, and the overall integrated employment rate for autistic adults, we estimate the need for our programs and services to be very large and growing.

Our Pilot Results

Over the last two years, we have conducted multiple workplace readiness program sessions with an average of eight students per cohort. The overall completion rate for these cohorts is 93% and we have placed 64% of our alumni in hiring companies throughout the country. We feel confident that our mission is vital and our approach has meaningful traction.

Our Strategy And Appeal

To address this growing need, we are now focused on scaling our operations and intensifying our impact over the next five years. Some of our key goals for this time period are the following:

  • Expand the team in terms of functional talent and numbers so the program can champion and empower more neurodivergent individuals while extending its reach and assistance to a broader group of organizations undertaking the journey to neurodiversity inclusion.
  • Have access to a location that is more conducive to the learning experience of our neurodiverse clients by taking into consideration particular sensitivities and sensory requirements.
  • Extend our geographical and physical presence to reach individuals and organizations beyond Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.
  • Grow the program’s scope to include support for neurodivergent individuals in a variety of life stages — both as they enter college and as they exit college into the workplace.  

To accomplish this growth and significantly broaden our social impact, we need to raise $1M by April 2019. Support us in our quest to include neurodiverse people in all workplaces, so that they can be seen, heard, and known. And please accept our sincere gratitude for your donation.

Double Your Donation

We have some exciting news to share with you!

We have received a very moving letter from a couple who has offered to match donations made to Neurodiversity Pathways. While the donors are requesting to remain anonymous, they believe strongly in our mission and are personally grateful for the impact our program has made in their lives and the life of their son.

As parents of an autistic child, they were concerned about their son’s future. Would he find rewarding and sustained employment? Would he be able to live an independent life? How would he realize his potential and live his fullest life?

Well, today their son has full-time meaningful employment, is living independently, and is proud to be a taxpaying citizen. His parents attribute his success to our program and services.

The couple has offered to match dollar-for-dollar every individual donation, up to a total of $25,000. Please contribute now to our mission and double your donation. The matching challenge begins now and continues through December 31, 2018.


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