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Autism at Work

Our Autism Advantage program began in 2013 with a partnership with global software company SAP. Expandability developed Autism At Work with SAP as a platform to onboard and retain autistic talent. Since our initial partnership, SAP has grown its program into one of the most successful autistic hiring programs globally.

In 2016, Goodwill of Silicon Valley acquired Expandability and has since grown our Autism at Work program into Autism Advantage. Building on our initial success, Autism Advantage is now able to serve multiple companies through our innovative development program.

We have seen participation from top employers including Autodesk, Chargeback.com, TaskRabbit, Opentable, Mastercard, Cisco, Symantec, EY, Visa, Microsoft, Box, Apple, Sensitel, Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union, Lending Club and Pivotus Ventures. If you are interested in participating in our Autism Advantage program, either as a company or as an enrollee, visit expandability.org/autism-advantage.

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  1. I think that yes, it’s fair. As long as you have the support seystm (emotional, social, financial) in place so that you will be able to care for both children, and provide for both of their needs which may be very different. As long as one of the kids is not neglected due to the needs of the other child, I think it could be a pretty fantastic experience for everyone involved I am an autistic and adopted only child parenting an autistic only child and I think that the one thing missing from our family is another child. If I were to adopt, I’d lean toward adopting a child with autism, as I can’t imagine raising a non-autistic child or attempting to balance raising one of each (for lack of a better term). I wish we had the option to add another child to our family, but I feel like I’m strapped already (I have rheumatoid/autoimmune arthritis and spine damage). Hope this helps Let us know what you decide!

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